Captain Baxter

Captain Baxter is an 0-4-0 Dorking Greystone Lime Company Engine.


Captain Baxter was built by Fletcher Jennings in 1877 and spent his working life at the Dorking Greystone Limeworks at Betchworth Station; it was here that he gained his mannerism of strong language.

In 1960 Captain Baxter came to the Bluebell Railway, and returned to service in 1982 after a comprehensive overhaul. He was later overhauled in 1990, and has recently returned to service following a complete overhaul. Railway volunteers are seeking to appoint the restoration team who repaired Stepney's brother, Fenchurch.

Stepney mentioned Captain Baxter while talking to Edward about the Bluebell Railway. He says that they are friends, and both miss pulling trucks. Stepney goes on to describe him as a tough, rude engine who worked in a quarry, which gave him bad manners, and rough language.