Talyllyn lives on the Talyllyn Railway.


Originally built in 1864 by Fletcher, Jennings & Co. of Whitehaven as an 0-4-0ST. Talyllyn had a short wheelbase and long rear overhang which led to its rapid conversion to an 0-4-2ST. As the more popular of the Talyllyn Railway's two original locos, Talyllyn was in very poor condition by 1945 when he was laid aside. He was rebuilt in 1957-58 by Gibbons Bros. Ltd., but proved problematic and has undergone considerable modification since then, resulting in a much improved performance.


  • Built- 1864
  • Designer- Fletcher, Jennings and Co.
  • Builder- Fletcher, Jennings and Co.
  • Arrived on the Talyllyn Railway- 1866
  • Original Railway- Talyllyn Railway